Make a lil’ Paper-Boat or two!

Do you know how to make a paper-boat? TBH, I acquired this skill, this “art” of paper-boat making very late in my years … tsk tsk.. I know, my bad! Times have changed but we can still enjoy the simple things now and then. Right? Here is such a simple tutorial that can be enjoyed in ones and twos or more. It’s easy to make (for fun and/or decor), helps you focus, keep calm and take pleasure in the joy of simplicity….

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

It always fascinated me as a child to witness those nifty little paper boats set sail on their unique adventures on many rainy days. Mind you, these boats are up for any journey, any path or stream that one chose to lead… and somehow; our paper-boat always found its way. It’s fall here in Canada and the weather is getting too cold but we’re enjoying a few drizzles out here. So why not make the best of this wet and colourful season too!

I highly suggest that you use / recycle paper from old / unused books and magazines. I went with an old magazine to create these fun little boats, some big and some small. The ads tend to be quite vibrant and colourful with the right amount of pop. OH! If you want the bright side to be in the outer area of the boat then as you start out,  fold the coloured piece on the inside in order for it to turn out. If you happen to create yours, please share with us via Twitter or Instagram with our #PAPERBOATCO hashtag. Thanks and enjoy! Brought to you by Paper Boat Co.

photo 1

photo 3

Our very own boat-making manual. It’s as simple as it gets. Now get set, and let your imagination float away!




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